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"Understand customers and implement successfully ideas"

My name is Leon von der Brüggen and welcome you to my website 
Since 2001, I act as an independent multimedia designer for various clients in the music and entertainment, artists and the media industry. My services include planning concepts, visual design and programming as well as the Supervise complete projects. I act in a powerful network in the complement professional services. 
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Insider tips

Only do what is good and useful.

Since 1998 I work with the internet and have a very good overview of all possibilities in the net because of my experiences.
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Know to do

Fair and future-oriented online advice.

I help you to design your perfect online presence and sustainable care for a successful venture.
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Right concept

Multimedia design for your target group.

Every person is individual and it is my task to design your online appearance accordingly.

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Multimedia Design

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I can help you with the following applications.

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